Windows Mobile Operating System which is built over C++ platform by Microsoft offers scalable, secure, flexible and robust enterprise mobility solutions and is gaining immense popularity now. Windows Mobile Operating system may be viewed as a scaled down version of the Windows Operating System while still retaining the popular applications from the Windows System. With Version 6.1 which has a lot of applications and rich features like Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, the Outlook mail client and also the Windows task bar, the Windows Mobile Operating system has come a long way across from just an OS to a powerful system. Windows phone 8 operating system comes across as a smart, innovative and a very stable platform with standard coding techniques and flexibility to migrate from older to newer version contributing to wider scope for Windows 8 application development. The Windows phone 8 operating system includes basic applications for Smartphones, Pocket PCs, and computers for automobiles, various portable media centers and others.

Windows Mobile Application Development:

The MDC Concepts Windows Mobile Application development team provides windows mobile application development services for smartphone's, smart devices, Pocket PC' and other portable media devices with rich multimedia and graphics features. We also have expertise in developing custom applications in Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. We have delivered mobile applications across multiple domains and industries covering small to large sized businesses:

Tools and Technology Used:

  • OS & Production environment: Windows Phone SDK, Windows 8
  • Development Environment: Visual Studio 2012
  • Languages: C#.NET
  • Frameworks: XNA Frameworks, Microsoft .NET framework
  • Databases: SQCE, SQL Lite
  • Silverlight, JSON, XML, Active Sync

Advantages of Windows Application Development:

  1. Security and Scalability: Windows Mobile platform is highly secure and easily scalable.
  2. ERP and CRM Solutions: Windows Mobile platform is Suitable for ERP and CRM solutions on smart devices.
  3. Re-usable components: Built on best industry practices Windows Mobile platform provides Re-usable technology stack.
  4. Flexibility: Windows Mobile development platform offers great flexibility.

The application development solutions we offer are scalable, robust, seamless, and intuitive. MDC Concepts provides Windows Mobile application development services with the help of a team of dedicated developers who are also experts in Silverlight & XNA framework technologies of the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) as well as have expertise with Windows Mobile 8 platform. Our qualified, skilled and well-equipped mobile developers develop and distribute free, commercial, enterprise, or in-house applications. For all applications developed at Rack InfoTech the Windows Mobile Application Development SDK guidelines are strictly adhered to, creating robust and scalable mobile applications and applying latest technologies. We offer all kind of custom development solutions for Windows mobile development.