BlackBerry continues to be one of the most preferred smartphone in the enterprise as a result of its focus on the business user in terms of security and email usage. BlackBerry has been serving the needs of millions of business executives around the world to access business e-mails, messaging service, personal schedules and other business information as well as social networking solutions. The BlackBerry App World boasts the largest revenue per app, higher than the Android Market or the Apple App Store. Blackberry is a rich platform that has various features like multi-tasking, multi-touch interface, wireless information services, etc. This is one of the best platforms that support customization. BlackBerry can be fully integrated with Microsoft Exchange, Novell Group Wise and IBM Lotus Domino ensuring secure, wireless access to personal calendars and email, corporate information exchange needs of high-end users.

BlackBerry Application Development

The MDC Concepts team has been developing simple to complex business solutions and productivity applications with rich multimedia and graphics features. We have delivered mobile applications across multiple domains and industries covering small to large sized businesses:

Tools and Technology Used:

  • OS & Production environment: Mac OS, Windows XP, 2007, 2008
  • Development Environment: Indigo Service Release 2, Eclipse version- 3.7.1
  • Languages: Core Java
  • Frameworks: Open GL, BlackBerry Java Frameworks
  • Databases: SQLite
  • BlackBerry API

Advantages of Balckberry application Development Development:

  1. BlackBerry's latest OS possesses a highly improved Web browser, a new Java engine, support for Flash, HTML5, enhanced gesture support, and speedier HTML rendering.
  2. BlackBerry's latest OS also includes tabbed browsing and pinch to zoom.
  3. Blackberry application development is flexible and it can be built on a number of platforms such as JAVA, MDS, J2ME etc.
  4. The Blackberry web-works platform supports advanced frameworks namely Dojo, Jquery, Sencha and Phone Gap.
  5. Seamless integration of blackberry applications can be achieved by accessing on-device API's

The application development solutions we offer are scalable, robust, seamless, and interoperable. Our expert developers have hands-on experience in developing Enterprise Applications on all BlackBerry OS versions. We have the capability to deliver solutions for Address book management, pull/push solutions, Location services, and multimedia as well as On-device databases using the BlackBerry Enterprise Services SDK. Our developers can also build cross-platform Java applications using MIDP and CLDC libraries. Using LWUIT we can create consistent and compelling user interfaces across different devices for BlackBerry Application.